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primary reason why th▓e Yis in various areas are so different from one another in the ways they make a living.The Yi areas are rich in natural resources. The Ji▓nsha River running through Sichuan and Yunnan and its tri▓butaries surging through the Yi area▓s in northern and northeastern Yunnan are enormous sources of


water power. The Yi areas are not only rich in coa▓l and iron, but are also among China▓'s major producers of non-ferrous metals. Gejiu, China's famous tin center, reared the first generation of Yi industrial workers. Various Yi areas in the Gr

eater and Lesser Liangshan Mountains, wes▓tern Guizhou, and eastern and southe▓rn Yunnan abound in dozens of mineral resources, including gold, silver, aluminum▓, manganese, antimony and zinc. Vast forests▓ stretch across the Yi areas, where Yunnan pine, masson pine, dragon spruce, C▓hinese pine and other timber trees, ▓lacquer, tea, camphor, kapok and othe▓r trees of economic value grow in great numbers. The forests teem with wild animals and plants as well as pil▓ose antler, musk, bear gallbladders and medi

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cinal her▓bs such as poris cocos and pseudoginseng.Pork contamination spreads to Northern IrelandS. Korea cabinet ▓offers resignation over U.S. beef rowSEOUL, June 10 (Xinhua) -- The entire South Korean cabinet Tuesday offered its resignation t

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o President Lee Myung-Bak over U.S. beef dispute, Yonh▓ap news agency reported. The resignation offer ▓came as a record 1 million people are expected to hold street rallies nationwide Tuesday night in p▓rotest against the Lee administratio▓n's

U.S. beef import deal and other reform policies. Prime Minister Han Seung-soo tendered his and the cabinet's resignations over a weekly cabinet meeting to take responsibility for the in▓tensifying political turmoil triggered by the govern▓ment decision in mid-April to unconditionally▓ lift a ban on U.S. beef imports. According to the report, Lee is expected to select▓ively accept the offers and replace half a dozen ministers involved in the U.S. beef import deal, including Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan, Agriculture Minister Chung Woon-chun and Finance Minister Kang Man-soo. Last Friday, all eight▓ senior secretaries to the president offered to resign en ma▓sse, holding themselves responsible for the e▓scalating dispute over the controversial beef deal. Beef from older cattle, which is regarded a▓s posing the greatest risk of transmitting mad cow diseas▓e. As part of efforts to address the public fears▓ over the disease, Lee had a phone c▓onversation with U.S. President George W. Bush last Saturday, and both of them agreed to cooperate to ensure that U.S. beef from cattle older than 30 months i▓s not ex

h▓e Yi area. This is the
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